Macvaugh&Co. Project


Emily Maldonado

MacVaugh&Co. Web Site Redesign

Creative Brief March 12, 2012


Project Summary:

MacVaugh&Co. is a commercial real estate servicing exclusively in the Pasadena to Rialto area for 18 years. This real estate agency focuses on selling and leasing offices, industrial, retail, and land. Additionally, MacVaugh&Co. would like to promote their business with organization, simplicity, and resourcefulness. The existing web site is a train leading to different tracks with different trains. Immediate goals include organization, clear motives, and increase client listings. In addition, a significant goal is to recreate the site so it is searchable and easy to update. Long-term, the MacVaugh&Co. site will be a tool and a resource for clients and company – with the eventual build out of a client communication area and a corporate Intranet.


Target Audience:

MacVaugh&Co.’s target audience includes professional, businessmen, and financial executives. These individuals are looking at the web site in order to find commercial properties for their business. These individuals may have already heard of MacVaugh&Co., and are looking for additional information and more services .



  1. Resourceful, elegant, welcoming, organized, experienced, exciting, fun, communicative.


Communication Strategy:

The web site redesign will provide direct communication methods including graphics, strong navigation, and informative text. In the first phase of development, the site will be mostly a catalog type site with properties for lease and/or sale. In the next phase of development, a password protected employee area will be added for uploading information, news, and updating properties.


Competitive Positioning:

MacVaugh&Co. has many competitors in the development community, mostly smaller real estate firms that can also service them. Attention to overall marketing strategy will also help to differentiate the web site in the industry eye.


Single-Minded Message: We can HELP you lease or sell better than anyone else!